General Faq

What does Camileonte deal with?

How is it possible to work in different places at the same time?

I can develop different projects at a distance and keep in touch with the customers thanks to e-mails, messenger, Skype and the telephone. During the planning phase, I load our work on our web space, so that the customer is able to control it anytime.  For each project I make a series of appointment with my customers (reported in the estimate). I have already worked in Milan and Florence.


As you can see, I deal also with photography. I mainly carry on stage photography projects, but I often combine web design with photography, providing personal services that represent the work basis in support of web graphic design.


These are the most frequent questions that we found out in the web sites. I’m reporting each of them coupled with our answers. Source text:

What are the phases of web planning?

Do you create any kind of web sites?

What does “registration of a domain” mean?

What is a host?

How long does it take to create an Internet web site?

Does the customer have to provide texts and images?

Do you work on the translation of texts?

When the new web site is online, is it immediately visible on the search engine?

Do you accept projects from every Italian city?

Publishing Faq

How long does it take to create a publishing project?

Do you correct texts?

Is it necessary to elaborate the images for the print?

What is the coordinated image?

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